Tru Paz Music Video Shoot

We recently shot the music video for the song entitled “Black Widow” by Tru Paz (Myspace). The video features the beautiful Jakie Lu who will also be featured in upcoming 2011 Tru Paz releases. Tru Paz has been a forerunner in progressing the Toronto Hip Hop landscape into something we should all be proud of. […]

This is an Ending: Trailer

This is an Ending is an unsettling and bizarre character driven story about forbidden love. Theodore who is reminded about the brazen power and potential of youth through his one day relationship with Mae, a woman many years his junior, who has an insatiable hunger for intense experiences, unbound by rules or consequences.

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Two Fingers BTS

A couple of stills from the Two Fingers Music video shoot for the song entitled “Not Perfect” off the debut album from producers Amon Tobin and Doubleclick. Two Fingers is the musical alter-ego of Amon Tobin. The first Two Fingers album was a collaboration with fellow producer Doubleclick. The eponymous release came out in 2009 […]

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Crown A Thornz – Real

Crown A Thornz music video (below): The video is currently in rotation on Much Music and it’s been making its way around the internet as well. Enjoy! Crown A Thornz is a collective composed of three wildly talented artists. J Wyze who beyond being a host at one of Toronto’s most popular radio stations Flow […]

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Lullaby Behind the Scenes

A lot has happened in the last month. For starters, our short film Mars to Jupiter has been selected as 1 of 125 shortlisted videos (out of 23,000) to potentially appear in the Guggenheim in NYC. The film was also profiled by the CBC and the Vancouver Sun. We’ve also finished casting for our film […]

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Lullaby For a Lunatic Trailer

It’s finally that time. Today we launch our first teaser trailer for our film entitled Lullaby For a Lunatic. This was such an amazing, slightly crazy, teaser to shoot. The philosophy behind this short clip of our film was that we wanted it to really serve the purpose of a teaser and tease the audience. […]

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Film Fundraising Event

Film Fundraising Event

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