Visit of Los Angeles: the three Instagram spots to do absolutely

You have to admit one thing, when you visit Los Angeles, you want pictures that are really amazing. Just to tell yourself a little bit about it on Instagram or Facebook, it’s normal… In the cliché genre, you might want a little picture in front of the Hollywood panel. Classic.

You can also imagine yourself in the middle of California’s palm trees, for example, near the beach, or in the heart of the Arts District.

In short, anyway, we go to Los Angeles to visit mythical places and to have our photos taken in those places that have made L.A. famous. And we necessarily want to have this stylish little photo, but slightly different from the others.

I therefore propose three very different places. And I deliberately skipped sites like Hollywood Boulevard (which I think is very good to tell you) or Santa Monica. It’s a bias, just because I want it and because I like it!

Los angeles

Los Angeles – Spot 1: Venice beach and the canals of Venice

This is my favorite neighborhood. I really loved the canals of the Venice district! Not to mention Venice beach, of course, right next door, which is a must-see when visiting Los Angeles.

Start by walking around Venice beach, walking along the seaside promenade with its palm trees, numerous shops and its famous outdoor weight room, “Muscle Beach”. Let’s say… to see and quite funny so much the guys (and some chicks) present take themselves seriously!

Then, take a walk on the beach, take a break from the painted walls or go watch the skaters. The funny thing is that there are really all kinds of people there: young and old, girls, boys…

Then, go in the stride towards the canals of Venice. They are located nearby, in the streets parallel to the Venice beach promenade. For me, the channels are a great spot for photos! There are a little less people than on the walk and the colours are very pretty. There are superb villas along the canals that give the name to this district of Los Angeles. I highly recommend it to you!

Los Angeles – Spot 2: Hollywood Sign (my secret place)

Let’s go, let’s go for the Instagram spot cliché! Let’s just say that being photographed in front of the Hollywood sign – Hollywood Sign in its original version – won’t make you original… But thanks to this picture, you can say I was there! Admit that it counts a little when you visit Los Angeles, right? Let’s be honest… 🙂

At the end of the day, go up to Griffith Observatory for a panoramic view of the city. You can enjoy the sunset… And as much to say that in Los Angeles, it’s a good time.

Before night falls, I recommend a little secret spot… Instead of going up to the Observatory, like everyone else, turn around and head for the Hollywood sign. When you are on the road, just before starting to descend the hill, there is a dirt path on the right, accessible only by foot. Take it (I put a small screenshot of the place on Google Maps, it’s the small blue dot).

Then, just walk a few minutes and climb up to one of the nearby viewpoints. You are almost alone (there were only four of us that night). On one side, you have the sun setting behind the hill where Hollywood Sign is located. On the other side, you will have the Los Angeles buildings that are gradually lighting up. And now it’s just magic!

You should know that it is in this area that we have stayed in a beautiful hotel booked online. Excellent neighborhood if you don’t know where to sleep yet.

Los Angeles – Spot 3: Arts District in Downtown L.A.

For a different atmosphere, I recommend the Arts District area. It is located slightly east of Downtown L.A., i.e. close to the centre in summary.

In this part of Los Angeles, the artists had a great time… And with talent. There are many old hangars used as galleries, but also beautiful shops and trendy restaurants. For the “exhibition” of outdoor works, you simply have to open your eyes and get “lost” in the neighbourhood. And go where you want to go, simply.

You may come across works by well-known artists, such as the Frenchman JR, whose “eye” does not go unnoticed… Obviously, to finish, you can also take the picture between the famous wings of the Cité des Anges. 🙂